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Ex Servicemen Recruitment E Q / Experience

July 5, 2015

No. E(NG)II12014/RR-1I3. New Delhi, Dated)_27/04/2015.  

 Sub: Clarification about educational qualification – Ex-servicemen candidates.  

This has reference to letter No. RRB/Bhopal/Panel/139 dated 26/8/2013 seeking clarification whether as Ex-serviceman with 15 years active service in the Armed Force with matriculation will be considered eligible to apply for the post for which the minimum qualification is University Degree provided the relevant certificate issued by the Military authority is attached with the application. The issue has been examined in consultation with Ministry of Human Resource Development and Directorate General Resettlement, Ministry of Defence and it is clarified that:-

(a) For appointment to any reserved vacancy in Group C posts, a matriculate Ex-serviceman (which includes an ex-serviceman who has obtained the Indian Army Special Certificate of Education or the corresponding certificates in the Navy or the Air Force), who has put in not less than 15 years of service in the Armed Forces of the Union may be considered eligible for appointment to the posts for which the essential educational qualification prescribed is graduation and where,

(b) Work experience of technical or professional nature is not essential; or

(c) Though non-technical professional work experience is prescribed as essential yet the appointing authority is satisfied that the ex-servicemen is expected to perform the duties of the post by undergoing on the job training for a short duration.

(d) For appointment to any reserved vacancy in Group C and Group D posts, where the prescribed minimum educational qualification is matriculation, the appointing authority may at his discretion relax the minimum educational qualifications in favour of an ex-serviceman who has passed the Indian Army Class-I Examination or equivalent examination in the Navy or the Air Force and who has put in at least 15 years service in the Armed Forces of the Union and is otherwise considered fit to hold the post, in y1ew of his experience and other qualifications.

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