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Inter Divisional Quiz Competition held on 07th Dec’ 2011- Quiz Master Shri Babu R

December 9, 2011

Initial Round



Question Key
1. What is the duration of training in case of probationers of Medical Service? Three months
2. Name which authorities (Designations) not be nominated to serve on the Committee constituted for selection of Group ‘C’ staff to Group ‘B’ posts. The Senior Deputy General Manager or the Additional Chief Vigilance Officer of the Vigilance Organization.
3. State the authorities under whose orders the Selection Boards is to be constituted for selection to non-gazetted posts. GM, HoD, other competent authority not lower than a DRM/ADRM/CWM

(ACS No.107)

4. Which authority shall invariably evaluate the answer books in a department selection? Member-Officer of the department for which selection is held.
5. Mention the two types of erroneous promotion. i) Where a person has not been promoted at all because of administration error.

ii) Where a person has been promoted but not on the date from which he would have been promoted but for administrative reasons.

6. Quote any one non-appealable orders under D&A Rules, 1968 a)Any order made by the President;

b)Any order of an interlocutory nature or the nature of step-in-aid of the final disposal of a disciplinary proceeding (other than order of suspension);

(c )Any order passed by an inquiry authority in the course of an inquiry.

7. Mention any four Group ‘C’ posts where the positive act of selection shall consist of both written test and viva-voce. Teachers, Law Assistants, Physiotherapists, Telephone Operators, Instructors, Stenographers, Chief Typists, Protocol Inspectors, Receptionists, Publicity/Advertising Inspectors, Photographers/Cameramen and Postal Superintendents.

8. What is the fixed period of block for the purpose of minimum period of two years between two successive encashment of LAP? Commencing from 1st September of the year of encashment of leave and ending on 31st August of next two years.

(First block 1.9.2008 to 31.8.2010)

9. Can Leave on Average Pay be converted into Child Care Leave? YES, if such leave is availed specifically for the purpose of rearing or looking after needs of minor children like examination, sickness etc. (RBE No.21/11)
10. Name the authority who is appointed by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Govt. of India as the custodian of public safety, whose chief function is to ensure maximum safety to the travelling public? The Commissioner of Railway Safety
11. No appeal lies against any order of an _______________nature or of the nature of _____________of the final disposal of a disciplinary proceedings. Interlocutory;


12. Upto how many years, time barred old cases from the date of death/medical unfitness of the ex-employee can General Manager consider and decide for compassionate appointment? 25 (Twenty-five years)

[RBE No.77/2011]

13. What is the procedure to be followed for dual charge arrangement of SAG Officers for a period beyond 3 months? Proposal with full justification for such arrangement along with the recommendations of FA&CAO should be submitted to the Railway Board for obtaining the sanction. (RBE No.188/97, ACS No.33 of IREM-I).
14. Which pay is to be taken into account for reckoning of emoluments for calculating retirement/death benefits in the case of employees on adhoc promotion in the Construction Organizations? Basic Pay drawn on adhoc promotion at the time of retirement (RBE No.85/2011).

15. State in brief the two classified groups of Railway servants acquiring disability during service and declared medically unfit. i)Those completely disabled for further service in any post in the Railway;

ii)Those  disabled/incapacitated

for further service in the post they are holding but declared fit in a lower medical category and eligible for retention in service .

16. What should be the order of priority to be followed while offering appointment on compassionate grounds? i)Dependents of employees who die or are permanently crippled in the course of duty;

ii)Dependents of employees do die in harness as a result of Railway accidents when off duty; and

iii)Dependents of employees who die in service or are medically in-


17. State the Rule of RTI Act, 2005 under                                                         which, there shall be no obligation to                                                         give                                                         any citizen certain information                                                         which are                                                         exempted from disclosure.  Rule – 8
18. Which authorities under RTI Act, 2005 has the power to :-
a) require the public authority to compensate the complainant for any loss or other detriment suffered;
b) reject the application etc.
The Central Information Commission;
State Information Commission.

 Round-2 (Optional)





1. The pass marks to be obtained by a candidate to qualify in initial training course for safety categories in both written and practical/viva is :

(A)   50%

(B)   45%

(C)   60%

(D)   55%


2. The most objectionable practice of a Govt. servant contradictory to official propriety and subversive of good discipline is:-

(A) Unbecoming of a Railway servant

(B) Submission of advance copy of the

claim/representation relating to service matters

directly to a higher authority

(C) Habitual absenteeism



3. Standard hours of duty for different classification of employment of Railway Servants shall be:

(a)            Intensive-40, Continuous-48,

Essentially Intermittent-46

(b)     Intensive-42, Continuous-48,

Essentially Intermittent-46

(c)           Intensive-42, Continuous-48,

Essentially Intermittent-48

(d)            None

4. The percentage of employees admissible for grant of variable increment for High Achievers in PB-3 is :

(A)   60%

(B)   50%

(C)   15%

(D)   20%

( D )

5. The family pension and other benefits to the eligible family members of a Govt. servant/pensioner reported missing may be sanctioned after a period of how many months from the date of registration of an FIR with the Policy?

(A)   24 months

(B)   12 months

(C)   8 months

(D)   6 months


RBE No.98/2010

6. As per Cannons of Financial Propriety, public money should not be utilized for the benefit of a particular person or section of  the community, unless :-

(A)   There is a claim from retired Railway employees

(B)   The expenditure is in pursuance of a recognized   policy or custom

(C)   Directly or indirectly to the advantage of an authority

(D)   None

( B )
7. Companion in lieu of Attendant to retired employees above 65 yrs. will be allowed in their 1/1-A class passes. The age restriction for such companion shall be –

(A)72 yrs.

(B)45 yrs.

(C )60 yrs.

(D) No age restriction

( D)
8. ‘Long-on’ under HWPR Rules, 2005 means a period of duty over __

(a)   7 hrs. in case of intensive, 9 hrs. in case of continuous and 11 hrs. in case of essentially intermittent.

(b)   6 hrs. in case of intensive, 7 hrs. in case of continuous and 10 hrs. in case of essentially intermittent.

(c)   8 hrs. in case of intensive, 10 hrs. in case of continuous and 12 hrs. in case of essentially intermittent

(d)  none

9. The terminology ‘Medical                                                                Decategorisation’ has been                                            replaced as:

a)Incapacitated Medical Decategorisation

b) Partial Medical Decategorisation.

c) Alternate Employment on Medical Grounds


10. Under which Act the appropriate              Governments and Local Authorities                               shall formulate various schemes for                                 ensuring employment of persons                            with disabilities

a.Negotiable Instrument Act.

b. Rehabilitation Act.

c. Protection of Equal Opportunities Act.


11. The specification for the Gold Plated        Silver Medals to be presented to                                    retiring Railway Servants is:


Weight – 10 grms.

Silver – 0.990 Purity

Diameter – ½ inch.


Weight – 08 grms.

Silver – 0.880 Purity

Diameter – 1 inch.


Weight – 20 grms.

Silver – 0.999 Purity

Diameter – 1½ inch.



12. An employee who has put in                     35 yrs. of service with non-                                      qualifying service of 1 year                                      will be eligible for gratuity of                                          ____ months.

(A) 17 months

(B) 16 ½ months

(C) 33 months

(D) None


Round -3 (Entertainment)



Question Key
1. Which was the first film of India in complete Technicolor?

Jeevan Jyothi or Jhansi Ki Rani

Jhansi Ki Rani (1953)
2. Name the first talkie film of India?

Alam Ara or Kohinoor

Alam Ara
3. Which was the first silent feature film of India?

Insaaf or Pundalik

Pundalik (Hindi, 1912)
4. Name the first South Indian film released in Korea?

Muthu or Shivaji

Muthu (Tamil starring Rajnikanth)
5. Who was the first Indian to win Oscar Award?

Bhanu Athaiya or Nargis

Bhanu Athaiya (film Gandhi)
6. To whom was the first Dada Phalke Award given?

Dilip Kumar or Devika Rani

Devika Rani
7. Who was the first President of Bangla Desh?

Nasima Baig or Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
8. Which is the biggest island of the world?

Greenland or Finland

9. The lowest point on earth is-

Andaman & Nicobar Island or The coastal area of Dead Sea

The coastal area of Dead Sea
10. The Red Cross was founded by-

Christopher Lewis or Jean Henri Durant

Jean Henri Durant
11. The first industrial revolution took place in –

America or England

12. World environment day is observed on –

6th June or 5th June

5th June
13. Which cut flower is the most popular for purchase?

Rose or Lily

14. The disc of this flower is made up of hundreds of tiny flowers-

Petunia or Daisy

15. Which flower symbolically means “beauty”?

Gardenia or Calla City

Calla City
16. Who said, “where flowers bloom so does hope”?

Shakespeare or Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson
17. Which flower has the smallest seeds?

Orchid or Daffodil

18. What colour rose would you send to someone to say, : “I am innocent and pure”?

Red or White


Round-4 (Rapid Fire)



Question Key
An employee may officiate on adhoc basis for six weeks without passing a trade test- True or false True
Promotion in a single post cadre may be made on regular basis without applying reservation- T/F True,

RBE No.118/05

What is the concession % of interest towards interest on HBA available to employee who undergoes sterilization under small family norms? Half percent
Joining Time admissible on transfer can be combined with all kinds of leave including Casual Leave – T/F False,

Except CL

The authority to declare the posts as ‘Selection’ or ‘Non Selection’ for the purpose of promotion is the General Manager- True or False False,

Railway Board

Can leave be granted to staff whom the competent authority has decided to dismiss or remove from Railway service? Yes/No NO (2238-R)
What is the maximum limit of cumulative transaction of sale, purchase of shares, securities, mutual funds etc. for Group ‘C’ per year? Double the Basic Pay.
Are the Officers permitted to use accommodation in Railway Rest House at the place of their posting as residence would be entitled for House Rent Allowance? NO,

Board’s letter No.E(P&A)II/HRA/41 dt. 23.3.78.

State whether the names of selected employees who retire before notification of panel be included in panel? YES/NO YES,

RBE No.173/93

  1. 10.
Both Gazetted Officers and Non gazette employees are eligible for flood/drought/cyclone advance- True/False False,

Only Non-gaz.

  1. 11.
The pay of the senior employee shall be stepped up on par with his junior on grant of MACPS – TRUE/FALSE False
  1. 12.
DACP Scheme (Dynamic Assured Career Progression Scheme) is applicable to Officers in Indian Railway Stores Service – TRUE/FALSE False,

(applicable only to IRMS upto GP Rs.10000 in PB-4)

  1. 13.
Can a person appointed in Railways other than sports quota be considered for out-of-turn promotion on fulfillment of prescribed sports norms? YES ,

RBE No.132/10

  1. 14.
Whether HBA is admissible to both husband and wife if Central Government employees? NO,

only one of them

  1. 15.
The ‘Service Bond’ period for recruiting sports persons against Sports Quota which was earlier two years is now four years – TRUE/FALSE False,

Five years

  1. 16.
An official of a recognized trade union can assist in more than four pending disciplinary cases – True/false FALSE,


  1. 17.
From which date confirmation is delinked from availability of permanent posts. 01.01.1989
  1. 18.
Can a Retired Railway servant act as a defense helper under D &A rules ? YES
  1. 19.
In how many cases can a retired Railway servant act as a defense helper? Seven
  1. 20.
With-holding of increments for failure to pass any departmental examination is not a penalty under D&A Rules – True/False TRUE
  1. 21.
What are the two sources for recruitment of sportspersons? Open Advertisement & Talent Scouting
  1. 22.
Any person may be appointed to Railway service or sent to Training School without the production of Health Certificate – TRUE//FALSE FALSE
  1. 23.
There is special provision for an employee failing in a trade test to reappear further trade test less than interval of six months with the personal approval of General Manager –

YES or NO///

  1. 24.
Under which Act, Trade Apprentices in designated trades are appointed in Railway Workshops? Apprentices Act, 1961
  1. 25.
What is the minimum period prescribed for making Dual Charge arrangement? 45 days
  1. 26.
From which date the currency of the Selection Panel would commence. It is from the date of approval of the Panel.
  1. 27.
State the method and basis to determine seniority of employees from different streams who appear for promotion to Group ‘B’ post. Integrated seniority based on total length of non-fortuitous service in scale Rs.6500-10500(V PC) or Grade Pay Rs.4600 (VI PC).
  1. 28.
Can Group ‘C’ employees on qualifying to Group ‘B’ posts be promoted to Group ‘B’ on adhoc basis even if they are not certified ‘FIT’ in prescribed medical examination? NO
  1. 29.
What is the time limit to make representation against selection? No prescribed time limit
  1. 30.
As per Manual provision, no cases for revision of seniority lists should be entertained beyond two years after publication of the seniority – TRUE or/FALSE FALSE

It is one year

  1. 31.
Upto which grade pays the General Manager can consider candidates for appointment on compassionate ground. Rs.4600
  1. 32.
What is the title for ‘Dearness Allowance’? ‘Railway Servants Dearness Allowance Rules’.
  1. 33.
What should be the balance leave on average pay available at credit after taking into account the period of encashment of leave? 30 days
  1. 34.
Can the remaining period of Child Care Leave after availing 3 spells be permitted to avail further such leave in the current year? NO (RBE No.21/11)
  1. 35.
Encashment of Leave can be availed during Child  Care Leave – TRUE or FALSE FALSE
  1. 36.
Is Child Care Leave admissible in aspect of adopted minor children? YES or NO YES
  1. 37.
Child Care Leave is not to be included in the ambit of availing maximum of 5 years leave of any kind at a stretch – TRUE/FALSE. TRUE
  1. 38.
Annual increment to female employees in case of CCL exceeding more than a year in single spell shall be granted in normal course – YES or NO NO. It shall be granted on reporting for duty.
  1. 39.
Give the age limit of Disabled Children of female employees to avail Child Care Leave. Upto 22 years of age
  1. 40.
To which grade the Ward of the employee seeking retirement under LARSGESS will be considered for appointment. Lowest recruitment grade.
  1. 41.
Which grade pays are applicable to appoint a candidate under LARSGESS? Rs.1800 & Rs.1900
  1. 42.
Can an employee granted grade pay Rs.1900 under MACPS be considered for allotment of Railway quarters in Type-II? YES
  1. 43.
An employee shall get the benefit of seniority, only on grant of 3rd financial upgradation under MACPS – TRUE or FALSE FALSE
  1. 44.
Financial upgradation under MACPS shall be granted to higher grade pays in the hierarchy of the cadre – TRUE or FALSE. FALSE

(The next higher grade pay shall be in the hierarchy of the Pay Band and Grade Pays recommended under VI CPC)

  1. 45.
Are the Officers of Govt. Railway Police eligible for metal passes? NO

(RBE No.62/11)

  1. 46.
What is the other name used for 2nd Class ‘A’ Pass? YELLOW PASS
  1. 47.
Which kind of Pass is issued to Defence Personnel who are recipients of gallantry awards? Complimentary Card Pass
  1. 48.
Is it true that Pass/PTO of next year’s account should not be issued more than 95 days in advance of beginning of the next year? NO. It is 100 days

(ACS No.68 to Pass Rules, 1993).

  1. 49.
Possessing prescribed qualification for the relevant post is necessary for considering cases of mutual transfer –  TRUE or FALSE FALSE
  1. 50.
Father of the Railway servant if residing with and wholly dependent upon the Railway servant may also be included in the Cheque Pass issued both for Group ‘A’ & Group ‘B’ Officers – TRUE or FALSE TRUE
  1. 51.
Every order or notice under RS (D&A) Rules shall be served either in person to the Railway servant concerned or through communication.  What is the mode of communication? BY RPAD
  1. 52.
Is Kilometreage Allowance admissible to the Traffic Apprentices who work independently as Guards as part of their training? NO

(Bd’s lr. dt.15.7.2011)

  1. 53.
Can a Railway employee in occupation of a Railway quarters vacate the same for seeking co-sharing accommodation with another quarter? NO

(Rule 1712 of IREM Vol.II)

  1. 54.
What is the date of effect for revised entitlement of Passes under VI CPC? 06.01.2011

(RBE No.18/11)

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