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September 25, 2011

No. E{NG}II/2011/RC-1/NE/21 New Delhi, Dated: .02.2012.

Sub: Appointment on Compassionate Grounds – Minimum
Educational qualification – reqardinq
References are being received from zonal Railways/PUs seeking
clarification whether exemption from possession of minimum educational
qualification for compassionate ground appointment for widows are still
applicable after the issue of Board’s instructions issued under RBE No.
The matter has been examined and it is hereby advised that
widows of ex-Railway employees will be covered in instructions issued
under RBE No.166/2011 for the purpose of appointment on
compassionate grounds.
Conduct Rules 1966 – Advance Correction slip No. 118,

Railway Board’s letter No. E(D&A) 2011 GS1-3 dated 11-07-2011

1) For sub rule (3), the following shall be substituted, namely:-

“ (3) where a Railway Servant enters into a transaction in respect of movable property in his own name or in the name of a member of his family, he shall, within one month from the date of such transaction, report the same to the Government, if the value of such property exceeds Two Months Basic Pay of the Railway Servant:

Provided that the previous sanction of the Government shall be obtained by the Railway Servant if any such transaction is with a person having official dealing with him.”

2)  Below sub rule (5), for clause (a) of explanation 1, the following shall be substituted, namely :-

“ (a) Jewellery, Insurance policies the annual premium of which exceeds Two Months Basic Pay of the servant, Shares, Securities and Debentures;”

Child Care Leave  – case of disabled children

 RBE 58/2010

Ministry of Railways have decided to permit CCL to female employees having disabled children up to the age of 22 years for a maximum period of two years ( 730 days) .

However, it is reiterated thatCCL cannot be demanded as a matter of right and under no circumstances can employee proceed on CCL without prior approval of the Leave sanctioning authority.

CCL may be sanctioned to adoptee mother also subject to fulfillment of other conditions stipulated for grant of CCL.

Maximum 730 days.  Minimum 15 days and not more than 3 times in a year.

Payment of Composite Transfer Grant

RBE 76/2011

When transferee / retiree submits self declaration that transportation of personal effects has been made by own arrangement and facility of kit pass / VPU / Goods Train /Container has not been availed of, production of documentary evidence of such transportation  of personal effects by own arrangement need not be insisted upon, subject to fulfillment of other conditions. Proof of journey / change of residence will however continue to be required. In the cases where kit pass has been availed for transportation of personal effects, extent provisions under the rules would continue to regulate the quantum CTG.

Issue of Privilege Pass /PTO and Post Retirement Complementary Passes /PTOs in the next years account.

When an employee serving   has availed all the Passes / PTOs due to him / her in a calendar year set of Pass and or  one set of PTO may be issued to him or her for journey commencing in the next year’s pass account, such advance issue should not exceed   60 days of the current year from the date of issue.

Retired employees can avail one complementary pass as detailed above.

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