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MC 14 Recruitment of Sports Persons under Sports Quota

September 22, 2011

Master Circular No. 14

 Recruitment of Sports Persons under Sports Quota.

Attention is invited to Board’s letter No. E(NG)II/85/RR-3/7 dated 08.03.1985 (RBE 73/1985) whereby the minimum service period in the existing grade, for out of turn promotion on sports account was reduced to 3 years. The currency of the orders, extended from time to time was last extended upto 31.03.1995 vide letter of same number dated 6.12.1993 (RBE 176/1993).

2. Board, after taking a review of the matter, have decided that the stipulation of 3 years’ minimum service in the existing grade for being eligible for out of turn promotion to serving sports persons will henceforth be a regular feature. The other instructions governing out of turn promotion will remain unaltered.

At present, the Orders relating to recruitment of Sports persons are scattered in a number of office circulars/orders issued from time to time. The question of consolidation of these existing orders/circulars into one Master Circular has been under the consideration of the Ministry of Railways, Railway Board. They have now decided to issue a consolidated Order on the subject as below, for the information and guidance of all concerned:

2. Recruitment of Sportspersons : The Railways have been authorised to recruit Sports persons against the quotas referred to below:

Group ‘C’  
(a) Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern, South Central, South-Eastern and Western Railways 24 per year per Railway
(b) North Eastern and Northeast Frontier Railways 18 per year per Railway
(c) C.L.W., D.L.W., & I.C.F. 12 per year
(d)  D.C.W., R.C.F. & W & AP 5 per year
(e) Metro Railway, Calcutta 4 per year

Note: Recruitment is generally permitted in the direct recruitment grades only. However, with prior approval of Railway Board, recruitment in intermediate grades could also be resorted to by Railway Administration not exceeding 40 Sports persons annually on all India basis, within the quota specified for each unit.

Group ‘D’  
(a) Each Division and Headquarters of the Railway 4 per year
(b) Each Workshop 3 per year
(c) C.L.W., D.L.W., I.C.F. & RDSO 10 per year
(d)  D.C.W., R.C.F. & W & AP 5 per year
(e) Metro Railway, Calcutta 4 per year

Note : Inter-Divisional or Inter-Workshop adjustment in the requirement of Group ‘D’ referred to at (a) & (b) is permissible subject to the personal approval of the General Manager/SDGM but the overall limit should not be exceeded.

[No. E(NG )III/75/RR 1/26  dated 10/12/1975;
E(NG)III/77/RR 1/14  dated 27/07/1977;
E(NG)II/80/RR 1/7  dated 07/04/1980;
RSCB/RSQ/Policy/80  dated 29/05/1980;
 and No.
E(NG)II/85/RR 3/1  dated 27/04/1985 (RBE 123/1985)]

3. Recruitment of Sportspersons in Skilled Cadre in the Production Units.

3.1 The three Production units viz. CLW, DLW and ICF are permitted to recruit not more than four Sports persons in the category of Skilled Artisans (in the initial recruitment grade), waiving the prescribed training period. This will be within their normal annual quota of 12. Such recruitment of Sports persons against skilled cadre should be counted against the 25% direct recruitment of skilled artisans vide Board’s letter No. E(NG)III/78/RC-1/9 dated 24.02.1979.

[No. E(NG)II/90/RR-3/12  dated 12/04/1990]

3.2. Similarly DCW, RCF and W&AP have also been permitted to recruit not more than two Sports persons in the category of skilled artisans (in the initial recruitment grade) waiving the prescribed training period. This will be within their normal annual quota of 5 and subject of other conditions as mentioned at para 3.1 above.

[No. E(NG)II/90/RR-3/12  dated 05/09/1990]

4. Minimum Norms for Recruitment of Sportspersons – The minimum norms for recruitment of Sports persons against sports quota on Railway have been indicated below:

•a.     Group ‘C’:

Sports persons who have represented in any of the games recognised by the Railway Sports Control Board:

•1.     The country as a member of Junior/Senior team.


•2.     Zonal teams within the country and the team should have obtained at least 3rd position in inter-zonal championships.


•3.     The State or Equivalent Unit in national championships whether junior or senior section and obtained at least 3rd position in individual or atleast 4th position in team games.


•4.     The University in All Indian Inter-University Championships (organised under the aegis of Inter-University Sports Board) and should have obtained upto second position in individual events or upto third position in team games


•5.     A State School team in National School Games for Schools (conducted under the aegis of All Indian School Games Federations) and should have obtained at least first position both in individual or team games.

Notes:(1) In Team games like Hockey, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Kabaddi, etc. fourth position will be taken into consideration.

(2) Appointments against Sports quota in Groups C should be given only after trials except when the Sports persons has represented India or got position in National level.

•b.     Group ‘D’:

•1.     Sports persons concerned should have represented a District in Junior/Senior State Championship and obtained atleast first three position either in individual or team events.

•2.     Sports persons concerned should have represented State Schools/ University/State Junior or Senior Team in National School Games/ Inter-University Championship/ Junior or Senior National Championships. In such cases obtaining of a position need not be insisted upon.

[No. RSCB/RSQ/Policy/75  dated 29/12/1975,
RSCB/RSQ/Policy/80  dated 29/05/1980
 and E(NG)II/90/RR-3/3  dated 25/05/1990 (RBE 89/1990)]

5. The General Manager may relax the prescribed age limits to the extent warranted and justified while recruiting outstanding sportsmen against sports quota.

[No. E(NG)II/82/RR-1/32 dated 24/02/83]

6. Probation /Confirmation/Termination of Services Sportspersons:

As the Sports persons are recruited mainly on the consideration of their achievements in Sports it has to be ensured that the recruits deliver the goods and they not only keep up the performance of Railways in the field of Sports but also constantly endeavour to improve on it. With this end in view, the Ministry of Railways have decided that a two-year probation period may be prescribed for all persons recruited against the sports quota. On completion of the two-year probation, the performance of the Sports persons will be reviewed at the Zonal Railway level by a committee consisting of the President and Honorary General Secretary of the Zonal Railway’s Sports Association and Captain/Coach of the particular discipline. If the performance of the persons recruited on sports account is considered to be unsatisfactory, he/she will be given a show cause notice and if the reply is not considered satisfactory, his/her services will be terminated by notice observing the requisite procedure for such termination. For review of cases involving Sports persons recruited in intermediate grades, which recruitment is controlled by the Railway Sports Control Board, New Delhi, one nominee of the Railway Sports Control Board will be associated with the aforesaid Committee.

In addition to the criteria followed for deciding confirmation of any temporary employee in regular employment, the continued retention and confirmation of an employee appointed against the Sports Quota will be subject to the performance as a Sports person also being satisfactory.

Necessary provision should, therefore, invariably be incorporated in the offer of appointment issued to the Sports persons in regard to probation, confirmation etc.

[No. E(NG)II/88/RR-3/41  dated 05/01/1989 (RBE 12/1989)]

7. The quota for appointment of Sportsmen, which remained unutilised on the various Railways at the end of the year, would be taken over by the Railway Sports Control Board and allotted to those Railways who wish to recruit sportsmen in excess of their quota for the next year. Such carry forward of the quota will be done only upto the next year i.e. the year immediately after the one to which it pertains.

[No. E(NG)II/82/RR 1/21  dated 27/09/1982]

8. Incentives to Sportspersons for outstanding performance :

The Ministry of Railways, Railway Board have decided that the Railway Administration will have powers to fix the pay at the time of initial recruitment of outstanding Sports persons with additional increments as follows:

•a.     Higher Initial Fixation of Pay:

S. No Grade Fixation at initial recruitment
1. Rs. 950-1500 (260 – 400) Upto a maximum of Rs. 1250 depending upon the calibre of the Sportspersons (Under General Manager’s Powers).
2. Rs. 1200-2040 (Old scale Rs. 330-350)  – (Recruitment grade only) Upto a maximum of Rs. 1530 depending upon the calibre of the Sports-persons (Under General Manager’s powers).

•b.     As regards intermediate grade for which approval is to be sought from the Board against the quota of 40 per year. The Railway Administrations may observe the following guidelines:

S. No Grade Fixation at initial recruitment
1. Rs. 1200-2040 (old scale Rs. 330-560) Upto a maximum of Rs. 1530 depending inter alia upon the calibre of the sportspersons.
2. Rs. 1400-2300 (old scale Rs. 425-640/ Rs. 455-700) Fixation at a stage between 7th (Rs. 1680) and 12 stages (Rs. 1900) above minimum depending upon the calibre of the Sportspersons.
3. Rs. 1600-2600/ (old scale Rs. 550-750) Fixation at a stage between 7th (Rs. 1900) and the 10th stage (Rs. 2100) above minimum depending upon the calibre of the Sportspersons
4. Rs. 2000-3200 (old scale Rs. 700-900) Fixation at a stage between the 7th (Rs. 2450) and the 10th stages (Rs 2675) above minimum depending upon the calibre of the Sportspersons.

•d.     Increments: General Managers are empowered to grant incentives on Railway Sports Control Board’s recommendation by way of additional increments for Sports persons for excellence in sports.

For excellence at National Level

•1.     Two increments for gold medal winning performance during the national championships.

•2.     One increment if found justified for Silver or Bronze medal winning performance during the national championships.

Excellence in International Meets

International meets will be categorised as under the advance increments:

Category A1 – Olympic Games
Category A2 – Asian Games
Category B   – Common Wealth Games, World Championships, World Cup.
Category C   – Asian Championships, Common Wealth Championships.

Grant of incentives for medal winning performance in Olympics will be considered on merits on receipt of results. For medal winning performances in other international events irrespective of the sports person winning gold/silver/bronze medal, the Railways may grant upto three increments in games falling in Category A-2, upto two increments for those coming in Category B and one increment for those in Category C. These increments will, however, be in addition to those if any, granted on the performances in national events.

•e.     Incentives to Coaches : It has been decided that performance of all Coaches attached to Indian Railways team will be reviewed once in a calendar year. The Coaches who render exemplary service and contribute to the good performances of Indian Railways teams may be granted one additional increment subject to a maximum of five (5) in lifetime. The awards to Coaches will, however, be granted only with the approval of the Railway Board.

The above incentives as provided herein in respect of Sportspersons, may be granted in addition to those mentioned in Railway Board’s letters No. E(NG)III/75/RR 1/26  dated 25/11/1976 read with Board’s letters No. E(NG)II/85/RR-3/7 dated 08/03/1985 (RBE 73/1985) and 10/06/1987 (RBE 148/1987) wherein, General Managers have been empowered to give out of turn promotion to serving Sportspersons subject to the conditions mentioned therein.

[No. E (NG) II/90/RR-3/3 dated 25.05.1990]

•f.       Out of Turn Promotion : Ministry of Railways, (Railway Board) have also decided that out of turn promotion may be given to the truly outstanding performance of Sportspersons by the General Managers on the following criteria:

Group ‘C’: Sports persons who:

•a.     Represented the country in International meets;


•b.     Represented Railways in the National meets on three occasions and acquitted themselves creditably;

•c.      The Sports persons should have been put in three years’ service in the existing Grade, where relaxation of this limit is required; the case is to be referred to the Railway Board;

•d.     No Sports person should ordinarily be given more than one out of turn promotion in the course of his/her career, and

•e.     As far as possible, the out of turn promotion should be to a Grade where there is a direct recruitment quota and his promotion should be counted against this direct recruitment quota. The General Manager will, however, have discretion to relax this provision in special cases.

Note: These orders will remain in force upto 31.03.1991.

•g.     Second out of turn Promotion : A second out of turn promotion which is to be recommended in really outstanding and deserving cases is to be granted at Railway Board’s level only.

•h.     Promotion from Group ‘D’ to Group ‘C’: Board have decided that Sports persons recruited in Group ‘D’ categories may be considered for promotion on out of turn basis if

• .        During the course of their sports career on the Railways, they fulfil the current norms for recruitment in Group ‘ C’ category;


•a.     They represent Railways in the National Championships on two occasions.

Such an out of turn promotion of Sportspersons from Group D to Group C will not be considered as out of turn promotion for the purpose of the stipulation provided in the instructions contained in Board’s letter No. E(NG)III/75/RR 1/26  dated 25/11/1976 that no Sportspersons should ordinarily be given more than one out of turn promotion in the course of his career. Similarly for such an out-of-turn promotion the condition regarding minimum period of service also need not be insisted upon.

[No. E(NG )III/75/RR 1/26  dated 10/12/1975,
E(NG)II/85/RR-3/7 dated 08/03/1985 (RBE 73/1985);
E(NG)II/85/RR-3/7 dated 31/05/1989
 and E(NG)II/90/RR-3/3  dated 25/05/1990 (RBE 89/1990)]

9. All proposals for out of turn promotion where the conditions as mentioned in para 8 (e) above are not fulfilled, cases of release of unutilised quota relaxation in educational qualification and recruitment in intermediate grade should be forwarded to the Railway Board for their consideration along with the personal approval of the General Manager concerned.

10. Serving Sports persons may be imparted necessary training in the departmental work during the slack periods. This may be arranged by the Railways themselves from within their existing resources.

11. General:

•a.     While referring to this Circular, the original letters referred to herein should be read for a proper appreciation. This circular is only a consolidation of the instructions issued so far, and should not be treated as a substitution to the originals. In case of doubt, the original circular should be relied upon as authority.

•b.     The instructions contained in the original circulars referred to have only prospective effect from the date of issue unless specifically indicated otherwise in the concerned circular. For dealing with old cases, the instructions in force at the relevant time should be referred to; and

•c.      If any circular on the subject which has not been superseded, has not been taken into consideration while preparing this consolidated letter, the said circular, which has been missed through oversight should be treated as valid and operative such a missing circular, if any, may be brought to the notice of the Railway Board.

List of Circulars from which consolidation has been made.

•1.     No. E(NG )III/75/RR 1/26  dated 10/12/1975

•2.     No. RSCB/RSQ/Policy/75  dated 29/12/1975

•3.     No. E(NG)III/75/RR 1/26  dated 25/11/1976

•4.     No. E(NG)III/77/RR 1/14  dated 27/07/1977

•5.     No. E(NG)II/80/RR 1/7  dated 07/04/1980

•6.     No. RSCB/RSQ/Policy/80  dated 29/05/1980

•7.     No. RSCB/RSQ/Policy/80  dated 21/06/1980

•8.     No. E(NG)III/75/RR-1/26  dated 21/04/1981

•9.     No. E(NG)III/75/RR-1/26  dated 10/06/1981

•10. No. E(NG)II/82/RR 1/21  dated 27/09/1982

•11. No. E(NG)II/82/RR-1/32 dated 24/02/83

•12. No. E(NG)II/85/RR-3/7 dated 08/03/1985 (RBE 73/1985)

•13. No. E(NG)II/85/RR 3/1  dated 27/04/1985 (RBE 123/1985)

•14. No. E(NG)II/85/RR-3/7  dated 10/06/1987 (RBE 148/1987)

•15. No. E(Sports)88/RSQ/Policy  dated 02/02/1988

•16. No. E(Sports)88/RSQ/Policy  dated 12/12/1988

•17. No. E(NG)II/88/RR-3/41  dated 05/01/1989 (RBE 12/1989)

•18. No. E(NG)II/85/RR-3/7 dated 31/05/1989

•19. No. E(NG)II/90/RR-3/12  dated 12/04/1990

•20. No. E(NG)II/90/RR-3/3  dated 25/05/1990 (RBE 89/1990)

•21. No. E(NG)II/90/RR-3/12  dated 05/09/1990

Orders issued subsequently.

•1.     Recruitment against Sports Quota – Incentive to sportspersons – No. E(NG)II/90/RR-3/3  dated 01/10/1990 (RBE 172/1990)

•2.     Recruitment of Sportspersons in Group ‘D’ – adjustment of quota – No. E(NG)II/90/RR-3/3  dated 04/02/1991 (RBE 24/1991)

•3.     Recruitment of Sportspersons against Sports Quota – No. E(Sports)91/RSQ/ Policy  dated 06/02/1991 (RBE 31/1991)

•4.     Supplementary Circular No. 2 – Fixation of upper age limit for recruitment of Sportspersons –  E(NG)II/91/RR-3/7  dated 07/05/1991 (RBE 95/1991)

•5.     Supplementary Circular No. 3 – Educational Qualification –E(NG)II/91/RR-3/8  dated 09/10/1991 (RBE 176/1991)

•6.     Supplementary Circular No. 4 – Recruitment of Sportspersons in Group ‘D’ on the workshops – E(NG)II/91/RR-3/35  dated 20/11/1991 (RBE 202/1991)

•7.     Supplementary Circular No. 5 – Sports norms for Group ‘C’ – E(NG)II/90/RR-3/3  dated 21/07/1992 (RBE 119/1992)

•8.     Supplementary Circular No. 6 – Recruitment of Sportspersons in skilled cadre in the Production Units –  E(NG)II/90/RR-3/12  dated 26/04/1993 (RBE 64/1993)

•9.     Supplementary Circular No. 6 – Out-of-turn promotion of serving sportsmen –  E(NG)II/85/RR-3/7  dated 06/12/1993 (RBE 176/1993)

•10. Out-of-turn promotion and recruitment of Sportspersons in Intermediate grades – Creation of supernumerary posts for – No. E(NG)I/93/SR 6/9  dated 30/11/1994 (RBE 109/1994)

•11. Seniority of staff recruited against Sports Quota – No. E(NG)I/94/SR 6/16  dated 08/12/1994 (RBE 112/1994)

•12. Supplementary Circular No. 7 – Typing Skills as a qualification for recruitment of sports persons as Clerks – E(NG)II/94/RR-3/2  dated 31.1.1995 (RBE 10/1995)

•13. Supplementary Circular No. 8 – 3 years’ minimum service for out of turn promotion a regular feature – No. E(Sports)95/INC/Policy, dated 31.05.1995 (RBE 50/1995).

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