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January 9, 2011

RBE 03/2011 dated 06-01-2011 Revised pay limit for pass entitlement

( Financial upgradation under MACP scheme will count for eligibility for pass. RBE 6/2011 dated 12-01-2011)


Sl No Category Type of Pass & PTO Type of Duty Pass
1 Group A & B 1st class ‘A’ 1st class ‘A’
2 Non Gazettedi) in Grade Pay Rs 4200/- and above. 1st Class 1st class
ii) in Grade Pay Rs 2800/- IInd ‘A’ Pass * IInd ‘A’ Pass *
iii) in Grade Pay Rs 1900/- and above, but below G.P. 2800 One IInd ‘A’ Pass * in a year, remaining in Second /Sleeper IInd ‘A’ Pass *
Employees in Grade Pay Rs 1800/- One IInd ‘A’ Pass * in a year, remaining in Second /Sleeper Second /Sleeper Class Pass

* IInd ‘A’ Pass with entitlement to travel by AC 3 Tier Class other than Rajadhani / Shatabdi / Doronto trains.

Issue of PASS /PTOs.


When an employee has availed all the passes and PTOs in a calendar year One set Pass and or one set PTO may be issued for journey commencing next year’s pass account, can be issued 90 days in advance instead of 60 days. ( RBE No80/ 2011 dtd. 03-06-2011)


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