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January 3, 2011
Kinds of Leave Eligibility Details
Leave on Average Pay (LAP) 30 days in a year,  credited in advance 1st jan & July. Maximum 300 days. As per 6th PC, 10 days each can be encashed in every alternate year, ( max 6 times) provided there is balance 10 days is left.
Leave on Half Average Pay (LHAP) 20 days in a year,  credited in advance 1st jan No restriction for maximum. It can be commuted to LAP by surrendering 2 times the LAP.
Leave not due 360 days maximum in one’s carrier. Advance granted to permanent employee
Casual Leave 8 days from 1-1-1998 Those who are enjoying gazetted holidays
10 days Those who are not enjoying gazetted holidays
4 additional CL shall be granted to persons with disability ( Equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation0 Act 1995. (RBE 201/2008)
SPECIAL CASUAL LEAVE    for family welfare operation( can be combined with Casual Leave or other kind of Leave )
Males Vasectomy operationTubectomy operation of wife 1sttime   6 days2ndtime   6 days7 days
Females Tubectomy operationInsertion of IUCDAfter Medical Termination Pregnancy undergoing Salpingetomy operation 1sttime   14 days2ndtime   14 days1 day14 days
Both Males and Females for post operation complicationdoFor Recanalisation Period of hospitilationNot to fit to work21 days of hospitalization 7 days for males and 14 days for femalesand  journey time.
Group C & D (excluding supervisors In lieu of working Sunday / Holidays Must be availed within 30 days of working.Those who are not entitled for CRs are eligible for conveyance charges.
Maternity Leave
For confinement 180 days 1) In case of Still born child,   (2) Having less than two surviving children
For miscarriage / abortion 45 days During entire service
Maternity Leave  may be combined with any other kind of leave including leave not due, up to a maximum of 2 years in continuation, if applied, without medical certificate. ( RBE 158/2008)

RBE 250/1999 [ RBE No. E(P&A) I-98/CPC/LE-4pt dated 05-10-1999 ]

Sub: Grant of Maternity Leave.

Admissibility of Grant of Maternity Leave in case of Still Born and Female employee who has married a widower with children from his former wife:

Was considered carefully and it is clarified that the  Maternity Leave would be admissible in both cases, provided that the female employee has less than two surviving children at the time of child birth.

Child Care Leave : Women employees having minor children may be granted child care leave for 2 years during the entire service.
Paternity leave : a male employee including an apprentice with less than 2 surviving children are eligible for 15 days Paternity leave. Can be availed 15 days in advance or within 6 months of delivery. ( RBE 154/97, 249/99)
An adoptive mother with less than 2 surviving children 135 days for child upto one year of age. Can be combined with any other kind of leave.
D&C staff for illness or injury directly due to risk incurred in course of official duties. First 120 days full pay, remaining half pay and total period doesnot exceed 28 months.
Employee who has been injured by an injury caused intentionally by someone or arisen due to performance of his duties. Upto 24 months, one or more spell. Non debitable.
When no other leave is due, or he applies for it. No leave salary is paid. Can be combined with other leave. Maximum 5 years at a stretch for regular staff and 3 months for temp. staff.Period spent on Extra Ordinary Leave not for the purpose of study leave shall not be counted as qualifying service for pensionary benefits. ( RBE 33/2011 dt.10-03-2011)
For higher studies in subject having direct bearing on one’s sphere of duties. Refund the cost incurred by govt if quits within 3 years. Upto 12 months at a time and 24 months in entire carrier.The period spent on study leave shall be counted for earning both LAP & LHAP. (RBE 1/2011 dated 04-01-2011)
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